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We rely on the generosity of our supporters and volunteers to raise money to get families out of poverty and experience the basics life has to offer, sustainably. The money you give goes directly to the people in need, not on admin costs.

A little goes a long way in these poverty stricken countries. Make a difference today!

Donate Money

donate a gift monthly

With a monthly donation, you can impact a whole community and change lives every day.

You can nominate an amount which will be deducted monthly from your account

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donate a single gift

This is an opportunity to really make a difference to someone’s life. Change a life today.

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Donate a Gift

We are grateful for your kind donations – big or small. And remember, your donations are tax deductable.


If you agree that education is the foundation to ending poverty and good health, then please help us to provide local language books, education and resources for teachers. 100% of your donation goes to helping the children.

Feminism at its best with a group of volunteers building a school class room to replace a mud floor bamboo hut that flooded during monsoons.

All volunteers self fund their travel and accommodation so every dollar goes to helping the children.

This classroom is one of the newer ones. The mesh sides are the air conditioning and security. The classrooms lack electricity so we need donations to provide solar lighting for hundreds of school rooms.


Volunteer Optometrist David West examines the eyes of a grandmother whose subsistence relies upon weaving. She struggled to thread needles without our glasses.

Audiologist volunteers from Melbourne tested the hearing of 44 children in Laos and were amazed that 15 could benefit from hearing aids. 

A volunteer Optometry student from Melbourne University paid all his expenses and helped Global Hand Charity test the eyesight of 3000 people in Sri Lanka in January 2017. Donate just $4 and you can help supply  glasses to the needy.


Donate toward a school playground. Children love the experience of having playground equipment within the school. If school is fun, then they attend more frequently, so you can help change a life.

Dormitories for teenage girls provide safety and opportunity for them to attend high school. For about $600 you can provide a safe space in a dormitory for a girl for 20 years! 

Providing Community learning centres across remote parts of poor countries allows for the education of pre-schoolers, the library and adult education and a meeting place for locals. A centre costs from $25000.

Donate Goods

When we visit Laos, we identify specific needs and ask our community to help with the donation of goods.

Over the years we have collected:

  • second-hand uniforms

  • warm clothes for new-born babies

  • hospital equipment, such as ventilators

  • bikes and bike equipment

  • books

  • computers

  • clothes

  • reading glasses and sunglasses

  • Christmas gifts.


You can also donate these or other goods.

Contact us to share with us what you would like to donate and how we can help 

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