Vietnam Eye care equipment arrives!


Global Hand Charity has entered into an agreement with the Optometry School at the Hanoi Medical University to provide improved Eye-care and training of students.

The agreement with Hanoi Medical University has seen us buy over AU$30,000 of Optometry equipment which will be used by our volunteer teams. It will also be used by the Vietnamese Students for their training and will enable the students to do Eyecare outreach programs in addition to those with GHC Volunteers. We are expecting that our equipment will be used to test an additional 20,000 needy people during the period of the agreement. Here’s just some of the equipment that you have helped us buy.

In April, members of the Global Hand team traveled to Phnom Penh to discuss a partnership. The trip opened the teams minds and hearts to the amazing work of the foundation and the culture of the Khmer people.

The equipment includes everything from Autorefractors, Lenosmeters, Slit Lamps, Retinoscope, Trial Lens set, Distance Visual Acuity kits and so much more.

Thank you for your support!

Global Hand Charity Inc helps people in the poorest regions of the world, with particular emphasis in countries such as Laos, Sri Lanka Vietnam and now Cambodia.


We don’t just supply products and equipment, we provide programs and resources to give whole communities a safe and sustainable future.

The difference we make is through education, accommodation, sanitation and medical programs.


The experience of giving is a joy in itself but the smiles and gratitude received from the people we help motivates us to do more. Get involved now and experience it for yourself.

100% of the money received from our supporters goes directly to people in need.

Other charities spend up to 30% of the donations on administration.


We operate through the dedicated efforts of volunteers so all donated funds reach the projects to maximise the impact of peoples’ lives.

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